1. Forum members are all expected to treat each other with dignity, courtesy and respect.
  2. Commercial product announcements are permitted, provided these focus on capabilities and do not mention pricing. Posts which violate this rule will be taken down and the poster will be sanctioned
  3. Freeware products may be announced but authors must provide their own support forum and not rely on using ASCOM Talk for this purpose.
  4. Spammers will be immediately banned.
  5. Any and all disputes will be handled by the moderators whose joint decision will be final.
  6. Complaints made by members directly to will not be considered valid and may result in the member being moderated or banned from the group.

Approach to moderation

The expectation is that the majority of issues will be resolved informally. However, if a matter cannot be resolved informally, the moderators reserve the rights to:

  1. Remove posts
  2. Place members under moderation
  3. Ban individuals from the forum

Raising a Complaint

  1. Any complaints raised about behaviour on the forum will be taken seriously
  2. If you have a complaint, please mail the moderators through their email address:

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